Used BMW Engines

Dyno Tested With 2 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty

Although remanufactured BMW engines is our main focus, our strategic alliance with Bavarian Auto Recycling gives us access to a huge stock of running, quality tested, used BMW engines. These are good running, used engines that have been run tested in the vehicle before dismantling.

Once removed from the vehicle, these engines are compression tested and leakdown checked to confirm factory BMW specifications. Then they are run on our dyno at 1200 rpm to confirm correct oil pressure, expose oil leaks, and test for any abnormal noises while running. If they pass all of the above quality control tests, they are sealed up with cap-plugs, jet washed, dried, sealed in plastic, and palletized for secure shipment. And all Bavarian used BMW engines carry our 2 year, unlimited mileage replacement guarantee.

These quality guaranteed BMW engines are usually priced 50% to 75% off our standard rebuilt engine prices (see Rebuilt Engines & Pricing page). They are the perfect choice for the BMW owner on a budget -- or those considering selling their BMW within 2 years.

Used engine prices do fluctuate a bit due to supply and demand. Please call our expert staff today for a current price quote on all used BMW engines (800)726-4269. Your quote will include a reference number that locks you in at the lowest price for 30 days - and makes ordering a snap when you're ready to go. We can also ship directly to your dealer or BMW repair facility for added convenience.

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