First off, we only choose the best cores to rebuild - the rest get scrapped. We know that the best cores make the best engines, and with our huge inventory of cores we can be very selective as to which cores get rebuilt and which ones don't.

Once a core is selected, it undergoes careful inspection for cracks, wear, and heat stress. If it passes the inspection, it is then disassembled, cleaned, stripped to bare metal, and precision measured for specifications. If the engine specs OK, it's on to the machine shop for precision machining.

All machine work is done to exact tolerances, and all measurements are triple checked before re-assembly. The assembly process is a painstaking procedure done entirely by hand (not on an assembly line). All engines are assembled in climate controlled clean rooms by certified engine technicians. During assembly all machined surfaces are measured once again for accuracy.

Once assembled, each engine undergoes dyno testing for compression, leakdown, oil pressure, and leak detection using ultraviolet dye - and must pass our final quality control inspection checklist. If everything checks out, the engine is crated in a custom wooden crate to prevent shipping damage and each package is insured at full value in the unlikely case of a mishap in transit.

The following list shows all of the new parts included in every rebuilt engine:

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